Church FAQ

What denomination does Charlie Lake Community Church belong to?
Canadian Baptists of Western Canada
Is there anything happening for the kids during church?
Yes. An unsupervised nursery is available upstairs for infants until 2 years old during the entire service. Discovery Time/Sunday School happens after the Children’s prayer in the main service. It is downstairs, parents need to sign in their children for attendance. If children are not registered parents need to complete a registration before they attend. They meet for a singing time together and then go to age-specific classes for the duration of the service. Ages 5 and under need to be signed out before dismissal also. Age groups: 2-12. There are separate classes for ages 2-3 class, 4-5 class, 6-9 class, 10-12 class
How can I get a sermon I missed?
Sermons are available on the website, and CD’s of previous sermons are available to borrow from the church library.
What is the role of the Church Board in the church?
Who are the members of the Church Board?

Currently, our Church Board Members are .

What is the role of the elders in the church?
They serve alongside the Pastors as spiritual leaders in our church and community. They are available to pray with you, support your spiritual growth, and to help hold you accountable as you learn to walk with Jesus.

Who are the elders?

Currently, our elders are Fred Klassen, Pastor Joshua Goetz and Pastor Jared Braun.

What committees are there in the church?
CE Team: primary focus is children’s ministry.

Plan to Protect: oversee and implement the Plan to Protect program in our church.

Greeting: supervise and organize the greeters for each week.

Missions: decide how to spend the missions budget, keep up contacts with the missionaries and organizations our church supports.

Outreach: Organize and implement ways to reach out to our community to show Christ’s love.

Youth: Organize and lead the youth ministry program of our church.

Social: Organize and lead social activities to keep our church connected with each other and newcomers.

Women’s Ministry: Lead and organize methods of supporting the women in our church, spiritually and practically for life.

Worship: Organize and lead the music and other artistic worship aspects of our church.

Properties: Oversee the maintenance and upkeep of our grounds and facilities.

How can I get involved?
Submit your intention on a welcome card, specify where you would like to help. A Pastor or Committee member will contact you to inform you of what is specifically required for each committee.

Do I have to be a member to be on a committee?

Worship, CE and being on the Board require you to be a member, the others do not. We do prefer that you have been a regular visitor to our church for at least 6 months before you get involved in a committee.

How do I go about getting baptized?
Express your desire to a Pastor or submit your intent on a welcome card. Attend baptism classes for several weeks.
How do I become a member?
You speak to one of the Pastor’s to express your desire or submit your intent on a welcome card. You attend a membership class for several Sunday mornings. You have an interview with two board members. You are voted in by the church membership upon recommendation by the board.
What does it mean that CLCC is a Plan to Protect church?
We have a Canada wide recognized plan and policy in place to protect our children and volunteers from the threat or accusation of abuse in all its potential forms. Procedures are in place throughout our church to ensure the safety of all our participants. Our Plan to Protect committee works closely with the CE Team to enforce and implement the plan.